Wellness & eco

A private space in the garden where you will be able to receive wellness treatments, such as massages,...

Relaxation is the key of our project, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

National Park Peneda-Geres


There are plenty of tourist attractions in the neighbourhood, various adventure sports like rafting canyoning, SUP, kayaking and many more.  The National Park Peneda-Geres is very famous for its Mother Nature, in all her splendour, refreshingly clean rivers and streams, extensive and clean beaches, breathtaking views, green mountains and endless fields.

We offer self guided hikes with GPS a choice of many exclusive trails, each carefully researched, regularly checked.




There are also many interesting small towns, villages and cities, with a life and personality on its own, revealing traditions and customs, festivities and handcraft. The pilgrimages and folklore announce unique festivals and delights where the colour of costumes( hard to find elsewhere in Europe), the smell of traditional meals and the taste of great green wine enchant everyone. The Minho is a unique region which opens its doors and invites for many and long visits.


As we are offering our guest nature and beauty we want focus the attention on the ecological side of life, by bringing awareness to our ecological footprint on the world. For all constructions we use low energy products, local materials like cork , wood and chalc ,...Using the sun to heat water,... 
For our waste water. we follow the concept of earthships (fully autonomic housing) that reuses water two times. First filtration is the filtration of grey water. Water from shower, kitchen,bath and sinks are filtered trough different plants and will be reused to flush toilets. This water, called black water, will then also be filtered trough a second filtration area, consisting mainly out of reeds. An this will result in clean water.

Skate and other Board Sports

We have build a private skatepark with bowl and streetsection to enjoy for our guests.

Plus there are a couple of nice public skateparks at reasonable distance.

We are half an hour away from the ocean with plenty of good surfbreaks to windsurf, kitesurf, surf, bodyboard or Sup.  Spots with nice breaks are Moledo, Vila Praia de Âncora, Afife and Viana de Castelo.  Surfboards and wetsuits can be rented from local surfclubs.